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Tracfone Prepaid Motorola W370 Cell Phone b

Let’s review the latest Motorola W370 from TracFone

This Prepaid Tracfone could pass for the newest brother to the very popular Razr. The new Tracfone W370 is quite comfortable in your hand. Not as skinny when folded up as the best selling Razr, it doesn’t have the width of the the Razr also. The distinctive Chin assists in holding the phone with one hand while texting.

Motorola W370 Texting

The Tracfone rate for Texting with the W370 is .3 units per text, both to receive and send.  TracFone charges different text message rates with different phones. Many cost .5 units per message text.

The  Motorola TracFone W370

The Moto w370 will be available in some stores but for now it is only available at Tracfone web site. You might to check back at website a few times to get the W370. Tracfone com has not been able to keep it in stock because it is selling so well.

Tracfone W370 Single Rate

The W370 is a singlerate phone all calls will cost you one unit per minute used. The roaming rate for many older tracfones is 2 units per minute when out of your local area. The single rate works on. You can call many parts of the world and just pay one unit per minute.

TracFone Double Minutes for Life (DMFL)

tracfone Motorola W370 now comes with DMFL. All the phone cards you add to your new Moto W370 will get twice the face value of minutes. 60 now = 120, 120 now = 240 with DMFL.

TracFone Mini USB Ports

There are both Headphone and Mini USB ports on the Motorola W370 cell phone. The headphone jack lets you to talk hands free on your Tracfone Moto W370 . The headphone when plugged in will also function as the antenna for the fm Radio. The Tracfone W370 USB port is disabled by Tracfone.

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