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Tracfone Christmas Free Next Day Air

Free Next Day Air on any

Tracfone Christmas Special Phone


The Tracfone DMFL Double minute for life card will cost you $50 to upgrade any phone. Buy one of these New phones with DMFL for less than $50 and get double the minutes for the money.

Good Tracfone Deals

These are good Tracfone Christmas Special Deals with Free Next Day Air 12/20/08 and 12/21/08.

Tracfone LG 600g The Best Tracfone with DMFL $49.95

Tracfone Motorola W376g Camera, Bluetooth with DMFL $29.95

Tracfone LG 600g and Motorola W376g

Tracfone LG 600g and Motorola W376g

The Best Tracfone Phone Deal

The best deal for a Tracfone and Minutes is the New LG 225 Camera phone with One Year Card. This deal is no longer highlighted at the top of the page.  The reason this is such a good deal is because all you pay for is the One year Card and you get one of the best Tracfone Camera phones for free.

Scroll down the page you will see LG 225 + 1 Year Card. I recently purchased one of these for a friend and activated it with Bonus Code 55118. We got 1120 minutes 14 months service and the Brand New LG 225 Camera phone for $99.99.

We used the $3 off Buying code (23444) so it came to $96.99. Free Next Day Air Shipping December 20th and 21st.

Tracfone LG 225 Camera Phone with One Year 800 minute Card

Tracfone LG 225 Camera Phone with One Year 800 minute Card

Buy Tracfone Christmas Special On Saturday or Sunday December 20th or 21st and get Free Next Day Air Shipping.


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Tracfone W376 with Bluetooth

Tracfone Motorola W376g

The latest phone from Tracfone is the Motorola W376g.

The New Tracfone Motorola W376 with BlueTooth 2.0 enabled. The W376 is a GSM phone that works on AT&T or T-Mobile networks.  If you have good coverage in your area by AT&t then Tracfone will be offering this phone in your area.

This new phone appears to be the little brother to the best selling Motorola Razr. The new W376g is thicker but narrower. The keyboard is the same flat design as the Razr. Both the Tracfone W376 and the Razr have the Chin.

Motorola W376, W370, W375

Motorola W376, W370 and W375 from

The Moto W376g is a Single Rate Tracfone

All the calls you make in your local area or out are one unit per minute. You will only pay one unit per minute for local, long distance and roaming calls. Tracfone also owns Net10 and they are the only prepaid cell phone companies that offer roaming for no extra charge. Most Prepaid phones do not offer roaming. If they do they will charge you up to fifty cents a minute for roaming.

Motorola W376, W370, W375
Motorola W376, W370 and W375 from

Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone often gives out Bonus codes to get free minutes when you add a minute card to your phone.  This is the best spot to buy Tracfone Minutes and  use  Tracfone Promo Codes to get free Minutes.

International Tracfone Calls

Calls to over sixty international areas will only cost you one unit per minute with the Tracfone W376g. Check out Tracfone International Calling at the web site.  Find out the differences between Tracfone and Net10.

Moto W376 Text Messages

The new W376g texting charges are .3 units per text in and out. This is a lot better than the .5 units per text on some of the older Tracfones.

DMFL is standard on W376g

The new bonus program from Tracfone is the Unlimited Double minutes for life. DMFL cards are available from the Tracfone web site for $50. Then any time as long as you own that phone you will get twice the minutes stated on the card. This DMFL Bonus plan comes with your Moto W376g.

Battery life on the Tracfone W376g

The W376g uses the BQ50 Lithium Ion battery. This is a fairly large capacity Battery so the battery life is should be very good. The battery should last up to 10 days between charges. This depends on your usage and where you are.  If you are on the fringe of cell coverage your phone will work a lot harder to keep coverage and go through your charge quicker..

Tracfone Bluetooth

The first Bluetooth enabled phone from Tracfone is the Motorola W376. You will now be able to use a Bluetooth 2.0 headset with your Tracfone Motorola W376g. It is safer to drive totally hands free which you can do with the new phone

Web Access and Downloading Ring Tones

The web access allowed by Tracfone with their phones is pretty limited but that may be changing. Many options for searching the web just cannot be done yet.

Moto W376 Feel

I really like the heft and feel of the new Moto W376g. The W376 is the same size and feel as the W370 and the W375. Large enough when unfolded it comfortably fits your face to talk (even if you have a large head).  It comfortably fits into your pocket.It folds small enough that it easily fits in your pocket.

Moto W376 Features and Specs

VGA Camera, Bluetooth® enabled, Compact Flip Phone, External Alert Icons. Ringtones, Graphics, News, Weather, Sports and more using Airtime Minutes. Picture Messaging, Text Messaging, Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) rating M-3, Hands-free speaker, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, FM Radio (requires headset, not included), Alarm Clock, Stop Watch, Calendar, Calculator, Phonebook with up to 100 entries. Single Rate for Local, Nationwide Long Distance, International Long Distance and Roaming.

Basic info:

Size: 3.90 x 1.77 x 0.73 inches

Weight: 3.4 ounces

Included battery: Lithium-ion

Talk time: Up to 7.5 hours

Standby time: Up to 10 days

Included accessories:


Wall AC Adapter

SIM Card

I like this phone a lot.  I have one I have used a bit and it feels good in my pocket and the reception has always been good.  I only get 2 to three days out of the battery but that is ok.  Usually the best price I have found on Tracfones has been from

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Tracfone Prepaid Motorola W370 Cell Phone b

Let’s review the latest Motorola W370 from TracFone

This Prepaid Tracfone could pass for the newest brother to the very popular Razr. The new Tracfone W370 is quite comfortable in your hand. Not as skinny when folded up as the best selling Razr, it doesn’t have the width of the the Razr also. The distinctive Chin assists in holding the phone with one hand while texting.

Motorola W370 Texting

The Tracfone rate for Texting with the W370 is .3 units per text, both to receive and send.  TracFone charges different text message rates with different phones. Many cost .5 units per message text.

The  Motorola TracFone W370

The Moto w370 will be available in some stores but for now it is only available at Tracfone web site. You might to check back at website a few times to get the W370. Tracfone com has not been able to keep it in stock because it is selling so well.

Tracfone W370 Single Rate

The W370 is a singlerate phone all calls will cost you one unit per minute used. The roaming rate for many older tracfones is 2 units per minute when out of your local area. The single rate works on. You can call many parts of the world and just pay one unit per minute.

TracFone Double Minutes for Life (DMFL)

tracfone Motorola W370 now comes with DMFL. All the phone cards you add to your new Moto W370 will get twice the face value of minutes. 60 now = 120, 120 now = 240 with DMFL.

TracFone Mini USB Ports

There are both Headphone and Mini USB ports on the Motorola W370 cell phone. The headphone jack lets you to talk hands free on your Tracfone Moto W370 . The headphone when plugged in will also function as the antenna for the fm Radio. The Tracfone W370 USB port is disabled by Tracfone.

Get free shipping at on orders of only $35 or more!

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