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Should You Cancel your Cell Phone Contract?

If you are paying $40 a month on a contract cell phone cancel your contract. You heard me right. Unless it costs you a lot to cancel your contract you will save money and have more minutes to use if you go to Straight Talk Prepaid.

Keyboard view of the LG 200c CDMA phone from Straight Talk, Tracfone and Net10

Who is Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless?

Straight Talk Wireless is a partnership between Verizon, Tracfone and Walmart.  The phones will only be sold at Walmart and online at Straight  All Straight Talk phones use the Verizon Wireless network.

They have just started offering Two very inexpensive prepaid cell phone plans.

The $45 Unlimited plan includes unlimited calling, unlimited texting, unlimited data downloading to your phone, and unlimited 411 calls.

The $30 a month plan includes one thousand minutes, one thousand texts and 30 meg of data per month.  If you run out you can just add another card so if you are using 1500 minutes a month you will use one and a half cards a month which comes to $45 or you can go to the $45 unlimited plan.

Cell Phone Reception
The cell phone reception will be good because your phone will be on the Verizon network which is the largest (or second largest) in the United States.

The Straight Talk Phones

From the simple and bulletproof LG100c and LG 200c to the New Samsung Finesse, Straight Talk has a nice variety of prepaid phones that all use the Verizon Network.

Check out Straight Talk Wireless

I think this might help with your Contract Cell phone


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The Best Popcorn Ever

I have been a big fan of popcorn since I was a youngster.  I have eaten more popcorn than any five people I know put together.

When I was in college we used to have a popcorn poppers that you would put oil in the bottom and then popcorn and then plug them in.  They got really hot and it was really important to empty the popper as soon as the popping started to slow down.  I am sure there were a lot of fires caused by these poppers because the got really hot.

The Air popper
The next generation was the air popper.  They are almost like a hair dryer that blows hot air on the popcorn.  When it pops then the hot air takes it out of the heating chamber.  Unique and they worked pretty well.  Some of the designs blow a lot of the unpopped corn out into your bowl.

Microwave Popcorn
Next came Microwave popcorn.  The probllem with microwaving regular popcorn is getting all the popcorn hot.  Microwave heating is normally very uneven.  So the bags come with a section on the bottom that attracts the microwave heat and helps to heat all of the popcorn.   They manufacture them with enough grease to add taste and evenly heat the popcorn.  Usually they use way too much salt for my taste.

I have gone back to the air popper, not any air popper the one shown in the picture.  Why is it the best?  I have tried at least 7 different air poppers.  The problem with most of them is they spit out a lot of unpopped corn.

The solution to too much unpopped corn with most air poppers is to put in the Full amount of popcorn.  They always have a measuring cup built in and if you do not fill it up you will usually get more unpopped corn.

Proctor Silex Popcorn Pumper is the best I have used.

How much is a Straight Talk Phone?
The phones start at $30 and go up to over $300

What if I let my Straight Talk service expire?  Your phone will quit working.

Can I change from the $30 a month Straight Talk plan to the $45 Unlimited?  Check Straight Talk Faqs.
What is the cheapest monthly cost of using a Straight Talk phone?

Can I put Tracfone minutes on my Straight Talk phone?  Check Straight Talk Faqs

Why does it say Tracfone when I turn on my Straight Talk phone?

What about a Straight Talk Motorola Razr V3? How well will that work with Straight Talk.

Do my Straight Talk Minutes roll over?  Check out Straight Talk Roll Over Minutes.

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