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Getting the Dishes Done

I used to have a lot of trouble getting my high school age children to get the dishes done.  I was always up early and often the kids would stay up after me.

I hate getting up to a dirty kitchen.  It was my job to cook and the kids were required to clean the kitchen.

The standard method, I yelled at them, I left threatening notes, I was mad and took away privledges.  It did not work.  I did not like being mad, I did not like staying around the house when the kids were grounded.

So the question was What can I do that won’t bother me that the kids will hate as punishment.

I sat them down and said here is the deal.  If you guys do not get the dishes done before you go to bed then I am going to read that as a statement that you want to talk to me.  I am going to Joyfully get you up at 5 AM or 6 AM at my convenience and we will all do the dishes together.  While we are at it we will do a little vacuuming and picking up also.

This worked for about two weeks.  Then the dishes weren’t done one Saturday Morning.  I got my music turned up loud, I turned on every light in the living room and Kitchen—it is way harder to go back to sleep if you are fully awakened with music and light–I got them out of bed.  I was nice I was smiling  and asking non stop questions.  How is school, how is your girlfriend, how is ….  Anyway I was very nice and loud and they got the dishes done.

About every month or two I would have to get them up but it was no longer a battle for me.  It was easy.

That was one of the biggest child interaction problems solutions.


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Net10-Prepaid-Cell Phones Come with 300 Free Minutes.
Net10-Prepaid-Cell Phones with Ten Cents per minute is one of the best Pay as you go Prepaid Cell phone Deals.  Ten Cents all the time with as little as a $15 card purchase.


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3000 Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone has released a new Online Only option for buying Tracfone Minutes.

Check out this link for more info on how to get a Tracfone 1500 Minute Card.

From the Tracfone website you can purchase a 1500 minute card.  If you have DMFL on your phone you will get 3000 minutes.  If you do not have DMFL you will get a lot of free minutes if you add the DMFL card.  Do Not add the 1500 minute card without  First adding a Minute Doubler to your phone.  The Minute Doubler card can be purchased for $25.

Tracfone has jumped over Net10 now for the best value Prepaid phone.  Before this card became available I would have recommended Net10 over Tracfone because you get 300 minutes for $30 with Net10 and even with the doubler you only get 240 minutes for $30 with Tracfone.

Both Net10 and Tracfone are owned by the same company and they have both lowered their rates a lot over the last 4 years.  It wasn’t that long ago the cheapest minutes you could get from Prepaid were 20 cents each.

Check out some of my articles on Carpet Cleaning.   There are a lot of changes going on in Prepaid Cell Phones.

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